31 Rue Cambon

August 19, 2014


Lilac Crop Top- Zara/ Black Peplum Skirt- Elle/ Box Clutch- Zara/ Charlotte and Olympia Kitty Flats 

    In honor of the legendary designer birthday I’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to the woman who changed the future for womens fashion for centuries to come. Gabrielle Chanel not only freed woman from there overbearing corsets but liberated woman and created the timeless LBD (little black dress). We have so much to thank Coco for but most of all for launching a new century of fashion. I definitely am taking this day to embrace the star of the woman who have given us the right of comfort. I had the pleasure of visiting Coco’s first ateliers in Paris on the famous 31 Rue Cambon. Walking down this street I had a moment of emotion thinking about the woman that influenced my personal style to much and walking the same steps she did. This quiet rue had so much history to take in and for a moment I felt like Gabrielle myself…

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