American Sweetheart

July 4, 2012

American Flag Tee- Buffalo Exchange/ Half Bleached studded shorts- Handmade/  Neon Aviators- Popkiller/ Metallic Midnight Litas- Jeffery Campbell/  American Flag Cropped Sweater- Thrift/ Metallic blue skirt- Popkiller/ Heart shaped sunnies- Popkiller/ Red platforms- Kimchi Blue 

    Happy 4th of July everyone! My 1st 4th of July post, (because I didn’t do one last year) I decided to go full out in my Stars n Stripes! Pulled out these fun buys I purchased at my work that are one of a kind! This year my festive assemble consist of a fun American Flag knit cropped sweater I stumbled upon months ago and paired it with my firework like metallic blue skirt! With my pair of red platforms and some sweetheart shades, I got my self a perfect evening outfit. I look like a true 50’s American Women:) And then for some night time firework fun I decided to be a little more comfortable in some high-waisted half bleached studded shorts, my over-sized American Flag tee, and my Matallic Midnight Litas! Now off to some 4th of July dress up parties! Stay tune for some fun 4th of July craziness pictures!
-Maritza M. 

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