Château de Hearst

February 4, 2014


newnewNEW3renew4resizedresized33new9resizedrresizednew8resizedBlue Rolled Neck Sweater- Zara/ White Flared Mid Skirt- Zara/ Houndstooth Coat-E-MEJR (Buffalo Exchange)/ White Pointed Toe Kitten Heels- Zara

I started off this road trip up the coast with a stop at one of my favorite château’s in the states. I’ve been to the Hearst Castle many times as a young girl always remembering feeling overwhelmed with all its detailed decor but could never really fully appreciate it until now. To actually walk around and see this spectacular estate through my own lens is a whole different story. Everything about this place seemed to have this fluttering glow that never left my mind nor my pictures. Take me anywhere that is covered in gold tile pieces and marble stairways and you’ll have me lost for days.

Photos by JR Millama & Myself

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