Chateau De Versailles

July 25, 2013

Vintage White Heart Neckline Dress- Buffalo Exchange/ Vintage Black Box Clutch- Buffalo Exchange/ Black Pointed-Toe Heels-5/48

    The second day after arriving in Paris Leah and I had a planned day trip to visit Versailles. I had been anxiously awaiting this day for months … Just the idea of having a shoot at a Palace I think is every blogger’s dream. I had heard so many incredible things about Versailles but I don’t think I prepared myself for this much pure beauty. We spent the afternoon exploring the pristine gardens and marble palace steps trying to take in all its detailed architecture and fascinating history. Definitely enjoyed fitting in with the atmosphere of this palace dressed in my fanciful vintage dress that I created quiet a scene in. Probably leaving people questioning exactly why I was wearing such a formal dress in such uncomfortable sight seeing heels but to me it was just more normal than ever. Its not everyday you get to walk around a 550,000 square ft. palace, minus well make it a formal event. This grand estate was like nothing I’ve ever seen before and was by far my favorite place on my entire trip.

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