Downtown Platform

December 30, 2011

Desert Rose Fringe Kimono/ San Andre blouse/ Vintage black denim shorts-Levi/  Safety Platform- Jeffrey Campbell
      I am wearing an L.A. finding I stumbled upon yesturday in my adventure with Stephanie to L.A. This rose fringe kimono I found on sale at a trendy botique shop right on Melrose st. Im also breaking in my new pair of Campbells I recieved as a christmas present. These Safety Platform are sure a dangerous one walking the streets but I fell in love with the geometric heel! Shot these photos today in Downtown Fullerton with amazing photographer and friend Zack Dinh! Check out this site and more here ! Thank you Zack! -Maritza M.
I will be post yesturdays shoot with Stephanie in L.A. in my next post! So keep a look out! Here’s a sneak peak!

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