Dreaming like Frida

November 9, 2012

Axl grey UNIF pants/ Flannel- UNIF/ Eye ring- Buffalo Exchange/ Hellbound platforms- UNIF

    We are all aware of fashion. Fashion is the visual expression of a culture. Paradoxically, it can be both sublimely sophisticated and carnally bestial at once. Fashion is used as a means of sexual display, status symbol and tribal code. Fashion is one of the most elusive subjects, but it is precisely this elusiveness that fascinates. Fashion has an ability to take over people’s lives to an astonishing degree. Fashion can never be pinned down; it is constantly morphing into something else. No one completely escapes it. Youth, irreverence and anti-fashion statements are coveted, as they can never be bought, but in various forms they can be taken up and converted into fashion before being discarded. Fashion is as ruthless as it is fickle. The extraordinary hold fashion possesses lies in its ability to prove identity. Everyone who enters this world has a different reason or motive for doing so. Sometimes it is simply the result of a chance encounter, but once they are truly ensconced it is almost impossible to escape. – Malcolm McLaren

   Thought I would share with you a quote I read from my street style fashion class by Malcolm McLaren (Band manager of the Sex Pistols & boyfriend of Vivienne Westwood) which really sank into my thoughts and stayed with me. When people ask me why I love fashion or why I do what I do… this is simply what I would say. 🙂

-Maritza M.

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