Feeling 22

January 26, 2015



Featuring Co-Models: Lisa Williston & Celina Huynh

All sporting one-of-a-kind pastel vintage pieces!

    Since it’s my birthday month I decided to take my party gang (Lisa, Celina, and Unicorn Piñata) out to the desert where we can roam around freely in our pastel attire and fiesta away. Yes I’m turning twenty-two this month and balloons and piñatas still fit in my party decor. I’m noticing as I get older I’m becoming more nostalgic to tradition party time glitter, confetti and everything colorful. Am I getting older or younger??? Had such a fun day exploring the gem spots of Palm Springs that I’ve missed so much. Perfect spot to shoot my yearly birthday editorial. This year I won’t be celebrating my twenty second year of living in California but in Paris with my love! Cheers to that and another birthday with my favorite people!

I’ll be blowing twenty-two candles on January 25th!

Huge thanks to Lisa Williston and Celina Huynh for making this editorial happen!

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