Knit Series

November 5, 2015

IMG_0431IMG_0422IMG_0410IMG_0509IMG_0544IMG_0573Cropped Knit- Zara/ Midi Knit Skirt- Zara/ Geometric Earring- Zara

It’s finally cold in California which means it’s knit series everyday. Cable knits, thin knits, soft knits, fuzzy knits, stretchy knits… you name it, I own it. Being that it only gets cold for three months here in Cali you can count on me to document every knit look I got! Starting with this neutral colored knit two piece I pick up from Zara. If theirs anything I love more than wearing knits it mixing two kinds of knits. I never prefer form fitting things except for when it come to knit skirts and dresses. I guess the thought of being able to breathe and eat comfortably in something that will show my every bump and lump isn’t as intimidating…or maybe I’m just bias to anything not knit material.

Photos by Roxy Rodriguez

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