La Minimaliste

December 4, 2015


Grey Two Piece Outfit- Zara/ Red Coat- Zara/ Black Contrasting Clutch- Zara

 Yet another one of my fall/winter looks shot with Warren Corales, taking one of my more minimal approaches to street style. If there is any color I love to wear more than all black its all grey and all different shades. Dressing monochromatic just screams contemporary edge to me and has become a foundation of my current wardrobe. I often drop the term “Staple Piece” when describing a outfit mainly because thats all I feel comfortable buying these days…pieces that will grow with me instead of me growing out of them. If that means half of my wardrobe will be any color from the grey scale with simple constructed shapes then so be it. I rather have a full closet of minimal classic pieces then a closet full of “one-hit wonders.” What is your favorite staple piece color? Share with me below!

Photos by Warren Corales

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