LoveIt Jewelry Fall Campaign Collection

September 18, 2012

I’m wearing: Birkin Dress- UNIF/ LoveIt Jewelry/ Lana- Jeffrey Campbell  

         Here are just some of the amazing shots taken from this weekends shoot for LoveIt Jewelry’s fall campaign collection! Yes, I know I said I was’t going to be on board this time as a model but, Tracie and myself couldn’t help but to jump in for a few shots. Before walking through the field full of tomb stones and being a photographer I did have quiet the project of getting the models dressed and ready for a goth glam feel. As the stylist I spent the last week looking through the racks of Buffalo finding special unique pieces to work with. Every time I look back at these photos it makes me want to splurg on all the new vintages chain necklaces, body pieces, cross charm bracelets and crystal stone rings at LoveIt! Check out all the new fall items that will hit soon!! Had a fabulous day working with these girls and thank you to the one and only Tracie Pennypacker for giving the world this stunning new line! Totes amaze!

-Maritza M.

Some clothing courtesy of Buffalo Exchange! Big Thanks!

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