April 15, 2014


Vintage Pink Tie Blouse/ Vintage Creme Coat/ Anthropologie Heels/ Blue Zara Clutch

In these past couple weeks I’ve been getting a overwhelming sense of endless euphoria as I prepare to myself to go back to the city I love the most… Paris! Not only will I be going back for the summer but I will be living there as a student at the prestige University of Sorbonne studying the French language.  So many thoughts and images run through my head when I think about my beloved Paris but words cannot describe my thoughts of being a student there. This opportunity of studying aboard opened so fast I’ve hardly had time to collect myself. But first thing is first, I must prepare my wardrobe once again for the chic Parisian lifestyle. Starting with these wardrobe staples. I will be bring along with me many neck tie blouses and midi length dress which I also can’t forget these adorable bow heels which I scored at a Anthropologie sale. I don’t even know how I am going to be able to fit a whole summer’s worth of “très chic vêtement” into one suitcase but I guess I can start by shopping for it!

So much traveling to come for this summer and it’s only just around the corner. Can’t ignore how faithful the lord has been in leading me the right direction to all the open doors. Thanking God every second.

Photos by Lisa Williston

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