July 29, 2015

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Madison WestBox Clutch/ Tube Studio Top- Zara/Culottes Trousers- Zara/Wide Brimmed Hat- Hat Attack/Sloane Heel- Silence + Noise

Everyday I’m inspired by ideas and concept I can use to create fashion editorials. Its what I live for, it’s what I wish I could wake up and do everyday. If I could show you how my mind works as a creative director I think everyone would be overwhelmingly confused with mental images, words, and objects. Now being able to translate all of it into editorial photos… now thats a challenge I inspire to tell.

Having the opportunity to work with amazing artists such as Iris Hilario, Myranda Josephson and Erica Rose to help transport ideas from my mind to real life makes what I do worth everyday.Excited to share with you all a minimalist traveler who is dazed in a world of monochromatic  architecture and is struck by the attraction of complementary colors.

Shooting one of my favorite pieces from Madison West Handbags this black/gold box  clutch. I have a certain love for elegant clutches specifically ones that resemble a jewelry box. If I could carry one everyday I would but since its not the very practical handbag I will use any excuse to slip on a dress and be out with a box clutch. Thank you Madison West for letting me have the pleasure of styling your pieces! Check out more of Madison West Handbags here!

Photos by Iris Hilario

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