Moments with the Nā Pali Coast

September 25, 2017

There’s not quiet a place on earth like the Nā Pali Coast. From its heaven like waterfalls to its dramatic rugged coastline, the northwest shores of Kauai are the most enchanting lands you’ll ever see. On a clear early morning in Kauai, I set sail from Port Allen to the Nā Pali Coast to catch a glimpse of this coastline out at sea. Along the way we stopped for some deep water snorkling and were also met with some friendly spinner dolphins who guided us up the coast. Three hours later we made it to the sleeping giant… and the scene was nothing but breathtaking. Lava caves, cascading waterfalls, and towering sea cliffs… it felt like a little slice of heaven.

   Pablo and I couldn’t get enough of this naturally beautiful coastline that we decided to take it by air too. Without hesitation we hopped into a helicopter tour to see the Nā Pali Coast from a bird’s eye view. She was even more charming from above. We hovered over deep narrow valleys in search for hidden trail ways and waterfalls you can only find by flying. For dramatic finishes the rain and clouds kissed us with a watercolor rainbow as a nice fairwell. With a vulnerable heart and watery eyes, I smiled with pure joy to see God’s creation in all its glory.

Photos by Maritza & Pablo Almendaro


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