My Summer Closet

July 3, 2012
Back in December I made one of the most logical purchases ever which was my clothing rack. I was in desperate need of one since my cramped closet was (as we Buffaloers call it) “Un-shoppable” (which’s means unable to look through… a.k.a- frustrating!)   It really helps re-evaluate what pieces are keepers if by the second or third round of a closet cleansing, it makes its way back between the poles. As you may notice I’m still obsessing over spring nudes and pastel brights.

This is just a portion of my shoe family, but defiantly the ones I wear the most. I have a crazy obsession with shoes and fun and crazy ones. Even though I have a fixation over elevated heels, I do still have my small collection of flats including my JC Coltrane’s and Jordans. Sometimes you still got to keep it grounded (UG)!

If there’s one thing I collect it’s definitely vintage 1920’s furniture and home decor. I started my collection of things when I was around 12 and have never stopped! I’ve collected things from a lounge tassel bench, rusted antique mannequin, candle stick telephone, Victorian inspired hat rack, and my all time favorite… my 1920’s clothing trunk. For the amazing price of only $100, I bought this one-of-a-kind trunk after falling in-love with it during a shoot with Ms. Stalder! From the floral wallpaper design to the original wooded hangers this beauty holds my precious finds and undergarments. It defiantly has the eye catcher effect when you first enter my room.

A glimpse of just one of the places I store all my jewels on my twigg jewelry stand. Of course no need to display my LoveIt jewels because I’m usually wearing them:) As much as I love fashion I do have a love for art. Mixed in with all my self canvas paintings is my favorite sketch of all time drawn by no other than the master in Fashion Design sketching class JR Millama! As a Chirstmas present he sketched a figure of me in one of my favorite blog outfits ever. Brings back good memories:)  
Say hello to Manni! This would be the girl I run to when I’m in desperate need of a second opinion… okay so Manni doesn’t talk but I defiantly use her to help me create looks. Sadly my mannequin is so old that the pole that holds it up to make her taller is rusted inside, so she a shorty for life. But just like me her seasonal outfits change constantly. I also use my antique gold magazine rack to hold my all time favorite Nylon and Vogue issues, as well as my constantly growing portfolio book.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Now in outfit preparation for independence day!

-Maritza M.

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