Palos Verdes Dr.

April 28, 2012

Crochet fringe blouse- Buffalo/ Side slit skirt- Melrose st.(LA)/ LoveIt jewelry & headpiece/ Safety Platforms- Jeffery Campbell

     Driving down the coast of PCH ,hitting up all the South Bay beaches, was a interesting day out. Starting from Manhattan beach to Heremosa , Redondo, and finally Palos Verdes…Tracie and I wondered throughout all the local boutiques. Finally we stumbled upon this amazing ocean view in PV. One of those places where you just have to take a moment to appreciate life’s beauty… Wearing some Buffalo findings and of course LoveIt jewelry:) Funny I kind of look like a modern day Greek goddess…not planned. In a couple of weeks I’ll be packing for my favorite beach town get-away “Santa Barbara”! Cant wait!! Keep posted!:))
-Maritza M. 

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