Paris Check-In

July 21, 2013

Yellow Checkered board Coat- Zara/ White Pointed-Toe Heels- Zara/ Vintage Black Clutch 

       When one is in Paris its hard not to feel immediately captivated once looking at the French buildings, glistening Seine River, and monumental Eiffel Tower. And when the sun is setting? Well everything just seems to become more romantically magical. When I arrived in Paris with best friend Leah, we wasted no time dropping our luggage in our room and heading out to see the city! With map in hand we decided to walk along the Seine River as a strategy for not getting lost and knowing it would eventually lead us to the Eiffel Tower. And on that walk I experienced the slow pace life of a true French mademoiselle. We were greeted on the street by a kind French monsieur who commented, “magnificent!”, and continued to ask us where we were from and then said,”You are always welcome here enchanté!”. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more appeased in a city than I did in Paris. Finally a place that suits my soul and the majority of my wardrobe, which you can see happens to inspire my Louis Vuitton SS13 look. Je t’aime Paris, you have stolen my heart.

Photos by Leah Slatic 


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