Petit Nicolas

December 21, 2014



Checked Trousers- Zara/ White Button-Up Shirt- Zara Trafaluc/ Navy Tasselled Moccasins– Zara/ Roll Neck Sweater- F21

        Feeling like a preppy school boy in this more masculine shirt and trouser, hence the name of the post. I recently read this children’s novel called Le Petit Nicolas in my french class about a bunch of mischievous school boys who always seem to find themselves into trouble. After watching the movie I found myself walking around in a new pair of loafers and clean button up. Something about the preppy suit look I absolutely adore, even better when girls rock it. Coming from a girl that would still prefer to wear skirts and dresses in the winter, I think I may have found my better suited alternative.

Starting to stock up on more roll-neck sweaters and thick wool coats that I never seem to need in California winter but will be essential in Paris winter. Count down begins until I’ll be bundled up in my favorite city again with my favorite person 🙂

Coming this week Vanity Youth’s holiday shoot!

Photo’s by JR Millama 

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