Poised Modernity

September 8, 2013






White Cropped Jacket- Theory/ White Cropped Top- Zara/ Pencil Skirt with Bottom Frill-Zara/ Zara Earrings/ White Pointed Toe Heels-Zara

       For me, sometimes the way a garment looks isn’t enough to satisfy me. It must also feel fun to touch too. Textured fabrics play a big role in determining if I am going to purchase something or not, like it did with this skirt. Besides the playful frill volume and color pencil like print, the texture of this piece has me constantly patting down my skirt every time I wear it. Wore it with a floral textured top from Zara when shooting my second look with fashion photographer Randy Tran. So pleased that Randy was able to capture the nature movement of my favorite fall skirt!

Photos by Randy Tran

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