Postcards from Paris 2014

December 31, 2014



Recapping¬† 2014, another life changing year starting with my best memory of this summer in my home away from home. Seeing Paris again for the second time definitely felt like the first. Having the chance to not only live there but be a student in Paris taught me so about myself I never expected. Just sharing some never seen before photos I snapped from this summer wandering the streets of France. Everywhere from Paris, Brittany, Normandy… you can pretty much capture life at its best in anywhere France. Any suggestions I can give to you in this new year… Paris is never a bad idea.

New Year, New Slate and my first travel plan in 2015 will be in just two weeks on a plane back to Paris! So excited for 2015 and the life changing events to come! Happy New Year my wanderlust!

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