July 5, 2015


new7Long White Shift Dress- Cotton Candy LA/ Silence & Noise Black Heels- UO

 Had heard many things about this Bates Motel but it wasn’t until this past week I had to see this piece of art work for myself.”Projections” a piece by French artist Vincent Lamouroux, is a rundown motel completely covered in environmentally friendly white limewash. Definitely something very hard to miss while driving down Sunset Blvd.. Of course from a bloggers perspective it not only is a surreal blank projection screen to admire but also the perfect photo shoot backdrop! Lisa and I took a second or two to create some of our own art with the piece and of course I just so happen to be wearing white! “Projections” is the perfect blank canvas for artist of all types to come and get creative. This temporary installation sits on LA trendy Sunset Blvd and will be torn down and replaced with a new development sometime in the up coming months so hurry up and head to Sunset Blvd. to check it out!

Photos by Lisa Williston

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