Rien que La Fille

August 1, 2015

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Embroidered Jacket- TRF Trafaluc/ Zara Suede Skirt/ Miss Albright Petra Heels- Anthropologie

When in doubt just dance is what I always tell myself during shooting times when I’ve seemed to have lost inspiration to smize and to get in touch with my inner Cara Delelvingne. I’m definitely not a model by any means but Ive learned it’s something you must adapt to with the job of being a blogger. I think 90% of the time I was dancing to some Lana Del Rey song stuck in my head while shooting this look. Leave it to Iris Hilario and Myranda Josephson to capture my best moments. I wanted to create an editorial that spoke for itself in an effortless and experimental manner. Besides this Santorini colored embroidered top pretty much speaks for all…

Photos by Iris Hilario

Photo #10 by Myranda Josephson

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