January 21, 2014



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tumblr_myeiwjxKrf1qcgrofo1_1280tumblr_myejd1LI7m1qcgrofo1_1280tumblr_myejbiYXUw1qcgrofo1_1280tumblr_myejfcT6fd1qcgrofo1_1280tumblr_my8nm4Kqz41qcgrofo1_1280IMG_83601960′s Black Sequins Dress- Elsewhere Vintage / Vintage Mink Fur Coat/Christian Dior Heels

Here is my second look from my shoot with photographer Zack Dinh. I purchased this vintage 1960s dress before the holidays in hopes of coming across that spectacular romantic backdrop that would bring it back to life in a 1960′s dramatic scene. We shot this look at the Roosevelt Hotel due to its dramatic interior design and old-school Hollywood glamor. It was the perfect setting for some vintage mink fur over a vintage little black dress.  It’s all the subtle details of my surroundings that really bring my editorials to life and capture unforgettable moments like these. This is probably why Zack Dinh is one of my favorite photographers because just like me he pays attention to the small details that piece together a finished story. Perhaps this is why I find myself getting lost in my own editorials creating different plots in my head every time.

Photos by Zack Dinh 

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