Santa Barbara Mission

July 20, 2011

Floral Romper Pins&Needles /Black Studded wedges- Ecote
         Havnt posted any new fidings because I’ve been really busy with college/job shinanagans, but recently I went on a trip to beautiful Sanata Barbara California with one best friends Leah:) It was one of the most carefree and fun spirited trips ive been on in a long time. We traveled on the train from Fullerton to SB and let me tell you, the ride is absolutly beautiful riding along the cost with the Pacific ocean in view it was amazing. Leah and I spent our weekend bike riding all around downtown SB and visiting the historic Sanata Barbara courthouse and “The Tower” ,as we like to call it, that over looks all of Santa Barabra. We also met a local SB native named Enzo that hooked us up with some pretty “dank shit” and showed us around the hot stops of  I also snagged this great deal at the local SB Urban Outfitters:) This summer colored romper was on sale for only $9.99 which was orginally $60. Was a pretty great weekend for me:)

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