Sitting on the Dock

May 23, 2012

Maroon silk skirt- Wasteland/ Slouchy Knit- Fora/  Vinatge shoulder bag- Fossil/ Necklace- LoveIt / Coltrane- Jeffrey Campbell
     Santa Barbara day 2!! As beautiful as the weather was in SB there was still a slight cold breeze, so it was pretty appropriated to wear a long skirt and slouchy knit. Also got to break in my new walking shoes:)) Say hello to my new best friends “Coltranes” by Jeffrey Campbell. I needed a cute flat boot in my collection of elevated shoes. As tradition we needed to take a moment to admire the silents of the Santa Barbara shore while eating a bag full of sugar from the piers candy shop! Cheers to chocolate covered gummy bears and a sunset view with my best friends:) A beautiful snap shot Leah took of Rob and I that makes me wish I was there all over again. Santa Barbara…you were too good to me:) We shall see each other again:)) Thank god its Summer.. its the time of Travel.
-Maritza M.

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