Spring in Black and White

February 19, 2013

Black & White sweater dress- H&M/ Vintage Louis Vuitton/ Pointed toe pumps- 5/48

        Officially ready for spring stepping out in monochrome colors and pointed toe pumps. Taking it back-to-basics in black and white this season conquered the runways, and I’ve been dappling in this simplistic look myself. Wearing a black and white sweater dress purchased at Buffalo Exchange with my new 5/48 pointed toe pumps. I’ve been in the mist of changing up my personal style which is what seems to happens when you cut your hair short and start feeling like Miroslava Duma (my Russian fashion icon)! I’d give any excuse to dress up and wear bold print mod dresses everyday! Also taking out my mom’s 1980s Louis Vuitton for a stroll, which still seems to be in impeccable condition. When you notice yourself calling your genuine leather handbag by its first name when you go out to lunch, you know your carrying something of worth… in my case its between Jill, Rebecca and Louie. Have many more spring looks to come so stay posted!  


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