Thistle & Weeds

March 27, 2015

new2new3new7new1new4newnew5Lace Halter Top- Principessa/ Culottes Trousers- Zara/ Black Wide Brimmed Hat- Hat Attack

  Taking a break from the crowded urban atmosphere to appreciate the quiet stillness of  California that’s a great but very seldom pleasure. A slight breeze added to the serene mood which normally is an annoyance for an model/photographer. With the influence of beautiful friends around me I’m grateful I can share these moments with you. I’m starting to realize that sometimes its not beautiful clothing that drives me to blog but rather beautiful places and even more beautiful people that encourage me to do what I do. So on that note I want to say thank you, for making this all worth while.

Photos by my beautiful best friend Lisa Williston

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