Yves Saint Laurent

March 26, 2013

Burgundy Leather Dress by Shakuhachi/ Leather Tote Bag- Yves Saint Laurent/ Black Pointed Toe Pumps- 5/48

    Feeling like Victoria Beckham in this burgundy leather dress I recently just pick up from Buffalo Exchange. Even though the color is out of season I still managed to find a floral spring location to shoot this look to make up for the “not so spring” colors. Also in the mist of selling chaos at my work, I seem to snatch up this amazing classic YSL tote that carries everything! If there is anything I needed more in my fast pace life as a fashion blogger, it is a leather tote bag I could throw everything in and be out the door. This bag came to me right as I needed it. In other exciting news I recently attended OC Fashion Association’s Fashion Week as a OC blogger! I’m in the mist of uploading all my pictures from OC’s Fashion Week event so stay posted for a full coverage. So happy to finally catch up on my spring blogging this spring break!

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