Gone to Seattle

January 29, 2018




Pike Place Market Look: Oversized Turtle Neck Sweater – & Other Stories / Polka Dot Dress – & Other Stories / Black Suede Tall Boots – Zara F/W 16 / Lack of Color Riviera Cap Black / Pink Leather Round Bag – & Other Stories

   Touched down for a week in Seattle, Washington to celebrate my 25th birthday as well as explore a new Northern territory I’ve always dreamed of seeing. With my older sister and husband by my side we took to the streets of Seattle doing all things touristy and even escaped the city for a day to hiking to Snoqualmie Falls. Even with rain in the forecast that didn’t stop us Californian’s from making the best of everyday, it actually made for a beautifully moody Seattle with glistening streets and refreshing air. Driving around I was quiet surprised how clean and growing the city was. Even with it’s gloomy skies, Seattle culture is very much alive and moving. The art influence is visibly present everywhere as well as its older architecture. I must say, Seattle surprised me and for a second I felt as if I could see myself calling it home. I’m not quiet sure how I would do with less amount of vitamin D in my life but for now I’ll live in Seattle vicariously through my photos.

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