Seventies Muse

April 1, 2013

Vintage 70s lime green dress/ LoveIt Jewlery- Cat Eye Sunnies- Buffalo Exchange/ Soiree heel- Jeffery Campbell

     Yes I did just teleported you back in time… The seventies, a time where color was in, individual identity was explored, and polyester was the fabric of choice. One of my favorite decade styles I love to pull from during the spring and summer seasons. Another location I visited during my trip to Palm Springs last week was the ACE Hotel & Swim Club. Snapped these photos after a long day of desert shooting with Tracie and JR. Wore this pretty stellar 70s dress courtesy of Tracie Pennypacker. Couldn’t see myself parting with it so I ended up buying it off of her buy the end of the day! Adding to my collection of vintage one of a kinds in my wardrobe. Already planning my next visit to the desert which I’ll definitely be making reservations at the ACE. Make sure you check out for all your music festival jewels! My last desert look coming soon.

 Photos by JR Millama 

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