The Night Cat

November 13, 2012

Leopard coat- LA/ Iron Maiden tee- Buffalo Exchange/ Disco Pants- American Apparel/ Maroon steel toe Docs- Buffalo Exchange

     I’ve be longing for the day I can bundle up in my over sized leopard coat again! Finally the day has come in full force and I even have the attire to embrace it! Walking the streets of Fullerton at dawn to try to shoot some night shots was a first time success. Only with the help of  the genius artistic eye Brian Johnson! Wearing some new pieces that were recently added to my winter wardrobe. Lucking out on finding a pair of maroon steal toe docs at my work was my ultimate winter find! Already had been broken in, these babies are what I call my perfect rain boot. Now on to some preparation of holiday shopping and more winter wardrobe changes! It’s needless to say I’m defiantly a winter excited fashion blogger.

-Maritza M.

See more of Brian Johnson’s amazing art work here!!

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