Up and Coming on Vanity Youth

January 15, 2012
Orignal Sketch done by JR Milliama
   Up and coming projects on Vanity Youth, as well as a web makeover coming soon! Sorry I’ve been lagging on the post guys. Ive been actually planning big projects that are going to take place in the next two weeks to revamp my blog. Also something that I have been looking forward to is finally on its way! The past two months Ive been saving up to get my very own Canon Rebel T3i Camera and the time has finally come for me to own it! This will mean daily posting of everything you can possibly imagine. Big things coming this way for Vanity Youth! So look out for the new changes in the next week and make sure to check out the finally revamp launch on January 25th! And thank you for all the warm welcomes and awsome blog links I recieved when I recently joined the creative community of “Independent Fashion Bloggers”! I enjoyed reading all your blogs as well as meeting new fashion bloggers. Also a thankyou to Toni from “The Love Hanger” for the blogger nomination! Cant thankyou enough for your support and love!  Can’t wait for whats to come!:)
– Maritza M.

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